Lima City

Called “Ciudad de los Reyes” (City of Kings), it was founded by the Spanish conqueror Francisco Pizarro on January 18th , 1535 on Rímac Valley in which several pre-Inca cultures had been developed, then dominated by the Inca Empire.

Lima is the capital of the Republic of Peru and it is a great metropolis and has more than 8 million inhabitants. In Lima you will find fascinating contrasts nuances between the archaeological places, colonial architecture and the modern city.

During the colonial time, it was the most important city in South America and it concentrated the whole trade of the Hispanic colonies toward Spain, reaching their maximum splendor during the XVII and XVIII centuries. It was the capital of “Nueva Castilla” also after the Viceroyalty of Peru. From Callao, many territories in the Pacific coast were discovered such as the Polynesia and nowadays you can discover all the enchantments of Peru.

In Lima you will find imposing colonial monuments, museums in which you will be able to recreate a complete image of the millennial Peruvian past in its archaeology, history and art.

Lima has a lot on offer. There is so much to see here, so many places to visit, so many things to do. Certainly, like a modern and cosmopolitan city offers all the tourist services, an excellent and modern hotel infrastructure, a great variety of attraction centers, ultramodern shopping malls as Larco Mar or Jockey Plaza, cultural and nightlife, luxurious casinos and gambling houses, and excellent restaurants in which the exquisite and variety Peruvian food prevails.

“But the most important thing is that you are going to find the hospitality and warmth of the people”.

In general, Lima is the entrance door to Peru. Through its International Airport “Jorge Chávez”, with direct flights and connections with the main cities of the world. From Lima, you will be able to begin trips to all the cities of the interior of the country, to discover and enjoy all the tourist attractiveness of this millennial country.

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