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Thank you for your interest in our Cultural Highlights of Peru trip. at Machupiccchu Exploring Peru  . we are passionate about off the beaten track Eeperiences as it provides our travelers with the thrill of coming face to face with untouched cultures as well as wilderness regions of great natural beauty. We are also committed to making sure that our range of unique itineraries are well researched, affordable and tailored for the enjoyment of our small groups or individuals – philosophies that have been at our core since 2000 when we began operating adventure holidays. The itineraries will give you the very best travel experience, designed by people with incredible local knowledge who share our vision of authentic exchange and real exploration with a responsible tourism approach. Whether you like your adventures to include trekking, touring, cycling, mountaineering, kayaking we can make it happen for you. We hope you will join us for a life changing experience.

Why Travel with Machupicchu Exploring Peru 

Our staffs are dedicated to providing you with the very best travel experience while ensuring that our operations comply with all the rules for responsible and sustainable tourism. using good quality, centrally located hotels, private transportation, many meals, all your entrance fees and permit fees, expert leadership and much more. Compare our prices and all our inclusions and we feel that few trips can compare in terms of value for money. Given our local knowledge, experience and excellent leadership, we are quite sure that this trip will be the trip of a lifetime.

The Trip 

This extraordinary touring adventure encompasses the highlights of Peru’s diverse and rich cultural past. We commence in the current capital of Lima and explore the Spanish colonial city before taking a spectacular flight across the Andes to Cusco, the former capital of the vast Inca Empire. From here we make forays into the Sacred Valley of the Incas, the unique ruins of Ollantaytambo and the famous site of Machu Picchu. Titicaca, where we visit the islands of the intriguing Uros Indians. Our trip concludes on arrival back into Lima.
Machupicchu Exploring Peru  is Tour Operator in Peru and professional team in tourist and our main goal is to satisfy utterly the visitors who choose to discover this part of the world. We mainly operate in the area of cusco where we offer an ample diversity of tours classified as conventional tours. We offers of course the visit of the sanctuary of machu picchu, a city tour of Cusco where you will be pleased about the wonderful streets, churches, the cathedral, and the temple of Koricancha also known as the sun temple is a mix of inca and colonial architecture. Besides, you will observe the majestic snowy mountains and rivers. Amongst other mountains, there are the salkantay and the ausangate and the rivers Vilcanota and Apurimac which are ideal for the adventure tourism. We also operate in Puno where you will appreciate and as well sail on the Titicaca lake wich is the highest navigable lake in the world. You will sail through the different islands and also the floating islands (Uros). You will also be grateful for the wonderful archeological remains of Sillustani which are a legacy of the Tiahuanaco civilization.
For people with a spirit of conservation and defense of environment , we have in addition tours including a stay in the National Park of Manu and also Tambopata national park. Besides we have tours in the reserve located in the country of Madre de Dios whose capital is Puerto Maldonado, also known as the “Biodiversity World Capital”. This is the due to the fact that there you can observe and abundant variety of flora and fauna as well as wild life; that is why we invite you to visit and discover Peru joining us and we will be proud to give you the best service so you will go home with an unforgettable and exciting experience.

Story and Orientation of the Company Machupicchu Exploring Peru (Cusco, Peru)

We are a team of friendly and professional English-speaking Local Guides who are committed to providing people like you with the most memorable experience possible at affordable prices. We work hard to organize the most unique and exciting excursions possible.

Our home base is Cusco city, not far from most of the Attractions in the area. Cusco, the Sacred Valley and Machupicchu are our playground. Let us take you on the experience of a lifetime!.

Our Mission , Practices and Profile 

We are a tour operator offering travelers a complete service of planning and operation of tours throughout the American continent. We take in hand the logistical aspects of any travel project in North, Central or South of Peru – we have been doing this since 2005. Our team consists of professional polyglot guides and project managers (who themselves are experienced tour guides). We developed and operated, over the past years, student training courses abroad, international TV projects, research expeditions and scientific studies, numerous ecotourism and adventure tours as well as a broad range of divers thematic group travel projects in North, Central and South America.
Our regular tours and most of our tailor made tours, in accordance with our mission, aim at contributing to the knowledge of the travelers towards the local environment and cultures while generating resources and creating incentives for the preservation of these local cultures and natural richness.
We promote and practice Ethical Ecotourism.
Our team of polyglot and multidisciplinary tour guides (Peruvians) works today in association with travel agencies, student organizations, a TV crew, independent groups of travellers and scientific study groups coming from many different countries around the world to explore, study and discover our great Country. We’re happy to offer our services in English, French, German and Spanish.
We offer a high quality service at outstanding prices because we do most of the work ourselves. It’s our project manager who develops your travel project, it’s our guide who leads your tour and it’s on board our own vehicle or on board our close partners’ vehicle you are traveling throughout the journey. We also offer.

Our philosophy is that of the ecologist, Our assiduity the archaeologist’s and our passion is that of the explorer & traveller.

Our Main Principals are:

  • 1. The security of our travellers stands before all.
  • 2. The services provided must be in accordance with the program agreed upon with the traveller.
  • 3. Our guides must provide the highest quality of service to their group (helpful, punctual, informative).
  • 4. Travellers must be able to reach a project / tour manager from our office – at all times & no cost – whenever needed.
  • 5. Promotion of highly respectful tourism towards the local environment and the communities (minimal impact tourism).
  • 6. Money from tourism must, as much as possible, remain in the local communities and economy.
  • 7. Collecting and sharing critical and accurate information promoting the preservation of the environment and the protection and support of the local communities (documentaries).

Why Choose Us to Plan Your Peru Vacation?

1. Value

  • We are local experts and know every hotel and tour we sell first-hand
  • Insider knowledge ensures you make the most of your trip
  • Maximize fun time and minimize hassles, mistakes and travel time

2. First Class Service

  • We meet you at the airport and are on-call during your stay
  • Something goes awry or plans change, we’re here to help. We have contacts at all hotels and tour operators and our bilingual staff can help you out of any difficult situation.
  • Displeased with your lodging? We’re you’re advocate. We do not promote hotels that leave us with unsatisfied customers.

3. We’re Your “Easy Button”

  • We plan, you relax
  • We ask you our 10 essential questions, then provide several tailor made itineraries for you to choose from
  • You arrive, our representative provides you with all your reservation details, and you’re off!

4. Locally Based

  •  We’re full-time In Peru, we don’t have to memorize hotel websites because we’ve actually been to the destinations we sell.

5. Insider Knowledge

  • We know every hotel and tour we sell first hand.
  • We’re experts in assessing your needs and building the perfect vacation.

6. Customized Trips

  • We cater to individuals and small groups, not large “cattle tours”

7. Experience

  • Nearly 10 years in the business

8. Trust

  • Registered with the local tourism chamber, respected in the industry
  • Thousands of satisfied clients

9. Price Match

  • We charge the same rates as hotels and tours, so our service to you is in fact free.

10. Comfort & Safety

  • We meet you at the airport, reserve only trusted hotel, tour and transportation partners, and are on-call during your stay

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