Machu Picchu Town

Aguas Calientes Town

Machu Picchu Town is a district of province of Urubamba. Is located 2,300 meters above sea level (7,546 ft.), at 112 Km. (70 miles) from Cuzco city, in the Urubamba valley in the lowest part of the Sacred Valley of the Incas in a area of direct access to the upper jungle.

All travelers to and from Machu Picchu Inca Citadel must pass through here. Is 6 kilometers (3.7 mi) away, about 1.5 hours walking to archaeological area.

Originally settled by a few farm families in 1901, the tiny settlement was transformed into a busy railway worker’s camp, called Camp Maquinachayoq, during the construction of the railroad through there in the late 1920s. The town was the central hub for worker lodging and their equipment up until the railway was finished in 1931.

Aguas Calientes is the colloquial name for Machu Picchu Pueblo. It is best known as the closest access point to the sacred Incan city of Machu Picchu. Is an unplanned city, is a little town, there are no airport, no taxis, no cars and all are to a walking distance. In Machu Picchu town, is located the train station that leaves to Cuzco and the mini-bus station that can be boarded to be transported to the high part of the mountain and visit the archaeological complex.

Near to Machu Picchu Town are located in Puente Ruinas the Machu Picchu Site Museum (1.7 Km) and the hot springs (800 m.)

The climate is relatively mild all year- round, with heavy rains from November to March, and dry and hot weather from April to October, which is a recommendable time to visit. The annual minimal temperature runs from 8° to 11.2°C. In the months of June, July and August the temperature can often fall below zero. The annual maximum temperature varies from 20.4° to 26.6°C. The terrain is fairly jagged, with many gullies and streams fed by glaciers which eventually pour into the Urubamba river, which crosses the area forming a deep valley which runs through the granite base of Vilcabamba for more than 40 Km through a variety of ecosystems.

Lodging in Machu Picchu – Hotels in Machu Picchu

There are some alternatives, a 3 stars luxury hotel located in Machu Picchu’s citadel, in the high part of the mountain. In the Machu Picchu Town you can found 5, 4 and 3 stars hotels, hostels, lodgings and tent campsites.

Tourist services in the town:

There are banks offices and ATM machines, Machu Picchu ticket office, police station, iPeru office, post office, drug stores, small medical center (Centro de Salud), restaurants, cybercafés, public telephones, souvenir and gift stores and Indian market close to train station.

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