Things not to miss in Peru

 #01 Pisac Market

Andean markets serve as true community hubs – not to mention excellent places to sample local goods and produce – and Pisac’s thriving morning market is one of the best.

#01 Pisac Market

#02 Kuelap

The ruined citadel of Kuelap is one of the most fascinating archeological sites in the Andes.

#02 Kuelap

#03 Lagunas de Llanganuco

The deep blue of these lakes in the Cordillera Blanca changes with the weather.

#03 Lagunas de Llanganuco

#04 Huacachina

This sacred healing lagoon, ringed by palm trees and hidden among massive sand dunes, draws sandboarders and dune-buggy riders from all over the world.

#04 Huacachina

#05 Uros islands

One of Lake Titicaca’s many treasures, these man-and-woman-made floating villages have existed in the lake since Inca times.

#05 Uros islands

#06 Andean agricultural terraces

These mountainside terraces in the magnificent Cotahuasi and Colca canyons give evidence of the impressive organization of pre-Conquest native societies.

#06 Andean agricultural terraces

#07 Trujillo

Though it doesn’t attract the hype of Lima or Cusco, Peru’s third city charms with its colonial architecture and cosmopolitan atmosphere.

#07 Trujillo

#08 Ballestas Islands

Often called the Peruvian Galapagos, these islands located off the coast of Pisco are teeming with bird and marine life.

#08 Ballestas Islands

#09 Ceviche

Peru’s national dish is a refreshing treat – fresh fish soaked in lime juice and chillies.

#09 Ceviche

#10 Rainforest canopy walkway

Peru’s jungle can be viewed at its best from the Amazon’s longest tree-top canopy walkway, reaching 35m above ground at the Amazon Explorama Field Station.

#10 Rainforest canopy walkway

#11 Reserva Nacional Paracas

Just a few hours out of Lima, Paracas is a coastal wildlife haven, boasting some fantastic beaches alongside archeological sites.

#11 Reserva Nacional Paracas

#12 Cordillera Blanca

The glacial scenery of the Cordillera Blanca mountain range is among the finest and most accessible on the planet.

#12 Cordillera Blanca

#13 Arequipa

This white stone city, beautiful and intriguing, is watched over by the awesome, ice-capped volcano of El Misti.

#13 Arequipa

#14 Ayacucho

Bustling streets, impressive churches, passionate religious processions and unique artesanía make this Andean city a standout.

#14 Ayacucho

#15 Sacsayhuaman

The zigzag megalithic defensive walls of this Inca temple-fortress are home to the annual Inti Raymi Festival of the Sun.

#15 Sacsayhuaman

#16 Chavín de Huantar

Dating back over 2500 years, this large temple has many striking stone carvings and gargoyles, both externally and within its subterranean chambers.

#16 Chavín de Huantar

#17 Puerto Belén

A frenetic, floating jungle port that has been called the Venice of the Peruvian jungle.

#17 Puerto Belén

#18 Máncora

Peru’s most popular surfer hangout features gorgeous beaches and buzzing nightlife.

#18 Máncora

#19 Valley of the Pyramids

Over twenty adobe pyramids built by a pre-Inca civilization surround a sacred mountain at Túcume in the northern deserts.

#19 Valley of the Pyramids

#20 Nasca Lines

Take a helicopter tour to get the full impact of these intricate symbols, etched into the deserts of southern Peru.

#20 Nasca Lines

#21 Colca Canyon

Twice the size of the Grand Canyon, the enormous Colca, one of the deepest canyons in the world, is also one of Peru’s biggest destinations.

#21 Colca Canyon

#22 Machu Picchu

With mysterious temples and palaces nestling among hundreds of terraces, this fabulous Inca citadel is awe-inspiring.

#22 Machu Picchu

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