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Alternative treks to the Inca Trail

There are three main trekking routes that have been developed by Cusco-based adventure tour operators in response to the desperate over-demand for the Inca Trail. The most popular of these is Choquequirao, and like the Inca Trail, this trek ends at a fabulous ancient citadel. Treks around the sacred glaciated mountain of Salcantay are also well-developed and, to some extent, overlap with and link to the Inca Trail itself.

Much less walked, but equally breathtaking, is Ausangate, another sacred snow-covered peak (with a convenient looping trail) that on a clear day can be seen from Cusco dominating the southern horizon. Another popular trek is the route from Ollantaytambo to Lares. As for cost, these treks are similar in price to the Inca Trail, ranging from about $60 to $100 a day.


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